Last week I gave a talk at Codam, the Amsterdam chapter of 42Network. I’ve been enthusiastic about 42 ever since its foundation and since my friend David is the director at Codam, I’ve had the chance to give talks there a couple of times. Huge thanks to Victoria and Ada for organizing this!

This talk is voluntarily only skimming the surface, but my goal with it is to get students interested in cryptography and software security. The talk includes a lot of emphasis on how cool asymmetric crypto is: with middle-school level maths, you can talk to someone else confidentially over a wiretapped channel, without ever having to meet to exchange a secret key! Maybe I’m the only one who’s enthusiastic about it, but I still find that mind-blowing and cool. I hope students found it so too.

The slides are available on Github. The interactive demo part of the talk uses showtmux. The slides use mdp.

Feedback is always welcome. My email address is my username at google’s email service.